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63% is National Park
Air Temp 23-29 °C
250+ Endemic Species
Water Temp 26-29 °C

Christmas Island

1500km northwest of the mainland, the stunning tropical paradise of Christmas Island is known as the ‘Galapagos of the Indian Ocean’ and is Australia’s best-kept secret. Just 16km wide, this tiny green jewel is a surprisingly diverse wonderland of experiences – more than enough to fill a week, which is our recommended stay.

Daily guided tours are included! Our knowledgeable, friendly guides will collect you from your eco-chalet and show you the diverse natural wonders of this unique island. What you’ll see depends on the weather, your abilities, interests, and how long you stay: bookings for 4+ nights for example, include a great snorkel boat tour. Daily tours usually combine guests from both eco-chalets, however private tours can be arranged at an added cost, subject to availability.

The Dry Season (May-September)

April & May: While it could still rain at any time, typically the rains should start easing in April, the island will be beautifully lush and green, and with the red crab migration finished, the majority of the island's roads should be open, allowing easier access to all the island's attractions. There'll still be plenty of red crabs around, and maybe even some whale sharks. A good time to visit.

May, June, July & August: The weather should go from good to great, and while the odd shower is still possible, the chance of serious rain or swell interrupting your boating or snorkelling plans is low. Many birds are nesting, the jungle is still green, there's still heaps of red crabs, roads are open and all is well. It's perhaps the best time for an all-round Christmas Island experience. 

August & September: The weather will likely be great, in fact these two months have the lowest rainfall (40-50mm) and the lowest temperatures (still a warm 23-26°C). The jungle will be starting to dry out and there'll be less crabs about (but still plenty, don't worry!). A great time to visit.

Our Closed Period (January-March)

This is the wettest of the wet season, the crabs should have done their thing by now, and it's time to give our staff a break, do a bit of maintenance and wait for the island's roads to be repaired and re-opened. Our office is still open to handle bookings so get in early!

Snorkelling in Flyingfish cove

On the Land

Our most famous inhabitants are our 40 million red crabs which can be found year-round, manicuring the jungle floor. When the rainy season starts however, they embark on one of the largest migrations in the animal kingdom, down to the coast to spawn in a spectacle Sir David Attenborough rates as one of his top 10 natural wonders on Earth. Wander tranquil rainforest trails to secluded turtle-nesting beaches, through RAMSAR wetlands to pristine jungle waterfalls you can stand under, swimming holes to plunge into and a new boardwalk leads you right between heart-stopping coastal blowhole geysers! There are refreshing tidal rock pools, lookouts, underground limestone caves, fascinating research and bird rehabilitation programs and more.

One week isn’t long enough and guests even returned to experience different seasons.

Australia’s best-kept secret

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