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Swell Lodge in the News!

Great feature about Swell Lodge on the TV news last night, with some really lovely words of support from Aussie entrepreneur Dick Smith! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=idiiKdeaP1M&feature=youtu.be  

Crab Safe Vehicle Attachment
Crab Safe Vehicle Attachment

A young couple’s unique invention to save Christmas Island’s famous red crabs from being crushed by vehicles is gaining international attention, with countries a far afield as Colombia also now keen to reduce their crustacean road-toll.   Every Christmas,...

Swell Lodge Story – Video #1

Our first video blog, from when Chris first visited the island as a little kid of seven to now - announcing Swell Lodge to the world!

Travel Journalist?

We’re inundated by journalists hoping for a free stay at Swell Lodge. We do consider each request, so if you write for a worthwhile title, do let us know.

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