About the lodge

Featuring a floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall glass front opening to an expansive deck overlooking the ocean where seabirds soar past at eye-level, a luxurious Italian-tiled ensuite bathroom, king size bed, stone bench tops, canvas-side walls with expansive zip-down meshed windows, ceiling fan, state-of-the-art, completely odourless composting toilet and more... Every piece of this remarkable, solar-powered wilderness escape has been carefully carried in and assembled by hand in the middle of one of Australia’s most amazing National Parks. Swell Lodge has been awarded Ecotourism Australia's highest level of certification 'Advanced Ecotourism' as well as a 'Climate Action Business' reserved for exemplary operators for our ecological sustainability, natural area management and provision of authentic experiences, which, together with our included carbon-offset program allows you to fall sleep to the peaceful sound of the swell, completely guilt-free.

Welcome to Swell Lodge

Nestled in the Christmas Island National Park, surrounded by wildlife and overlooking the ever-changing ocean, Swell Lodge is the world’s most exclusive eco-lodge: Two, glass-fronted, luxury eco-chalets offering all-inclusive packages with daily guided activities and even a private French chef, serving gourmet cuisine created from fresh local produce - just for you.

Your luxury wilderness escape

With your daily program completely tailored to your desires, you can do as much or as little as you want. While Swell Lodge is perfect for relaxing, soaking up the view, enjoying a rejuvenating massage or yoga session, Christmas Island is a wonderland of experiences, many of them within easy walking distance from your eco-chalet through the jungle. There’s amazing wildlife including endemic birds and the world-famous red crabs, there’s boardwalks through RAMSAR-listed wetlands to a refreshing waterfall you can stand under, totally secluded beaches and some of the world’s best snorkelling and diving in crystal-clear, 28°C (82°F) water filled with such a kaleidoscope of coral and fish that you could be swimming in an aquarium, except that there are dolphins and in the right season even whale sharks too!

At Swell Lodge, you will at last be able to relax and reconnect with yourself, your partner and with nature. While free Wi-Fi is available if you want it along with a phone in your chalet, there is no cellphone service on our otherwise uninhabited west coast, allowing you the peace and quiet we know you’ve been craving.

Get here now!

Serviced by flights from Jakarta, Perth and Kuala Lumpur, Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean is Australia’s best-kept secret, a place few tourists have ever visited and those that have call it ‘The Galapagos of Australia’. Whether you’re a couple wanting a romantic break, a celebrity needing a secluded escape, or just a nature-loving traveller keen to experience an incredible new destination, you need to add Swell Lodge to the top of your list, before everyone else does.

Embrace the Eco

Swell Lodge is incredibly privileged to exist inside a National Park and beside a RAMSAR-listed wetland. We're governed by strict environmental regulations and use the latest technology to ensure that while surrounded by luxury and modern conveniences, your stay in the wilderness still has minimal impact on this pristine environment. Each of our 100% solar-powered eco-chalets has a 1.4KW solar array which alone saves over 750kgs of CO2 entering the atmosphere every year and our energy efficient, high-output ceiling fan removes the need for air conditioning, which saves an additional 1,500kgs of CO2 annually, compared to staying in a regular hotel room. We're also proud to feature purely solar-heated hot water, a modern odourless composting toilet, crab-safe vehicle attachments and a carbon-offset program realised through 'Greenfeet' with 58 native trees planted to offset the CO2 emissions from our lodge vehicles. Swell Lodge has been awarded Ecotourism Australia's highest level of certification 'Advanced Ecotourism' as well as a 'Climate Action Business' reserved for exemplary operators in terms of our ecological sustainability, natural area management and provision of authentic cultural experiences, a recognition also approved by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC). Sweet dreams.

app in front of solar panels copy

Solar Powered

Completely off-grid & lithium storage, with app to track your power usage.



Relax, unwind and reconnect with nature, and with yourselves.

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Crab Safe Vehicle

During crab-migration, we fit our vehicles with crab-safe attachments.

Rave reviews from the start!

“Wow! So much more than just a once in a lifetime destination. It was wonderful to immerse myself in such a unique and exclusive retreat with exceptional service, amazing cuisine, personalised guided walks from the rainforest to the beaches and abundance of magnificent birdlife. 5 Stars to the entire Swell Lodge team. Thank you! ☆☆☆☆☆

Lorraine Lovatt ~ Swell Lodge Guest, July 2018.


“We've enjoyed everything about this unique remote paradise: the refuge of the lodge & the view; the creative cuisine; the fabulous snorkelling; and observing the wildlife with the expert and personable guides - has been excellent!” 

B & J RogersSwell Lodge Guest, August 2018.


“Life is too short to miss Swell Lodge. Falling asleep with the stars, sleeping to the ocean, delicious meals, amazing tours and the most knowledgeable of staff made it beyond brilliant. Thank you for the adventure:) Our souls are richer for our visit to Christmas Island.”

M. ColeSwell Lodge Guest, November 2018.


“Christmas Island is Australia’s best kept secret and Swell Lodge is the jewel in the crown, an absolutely fabulous place to stay and experience the Island's treasures.”

P. PerrettSwell Lodge Guest, December 2018.


“Thanks to the friendly and kind Team of Swell Lodge for this awesome experience, showing us secret places and cooking delicious meals. The swell is relaxing and the view is priceless. We were lucky to hit the right time for the red crab migration!”

A. SenterSwell Lodge Guest, November 2018.


“What a wonderful experience for our kids - and ourselves! The birds, crabs, lizards and plants are amazing. The Swell Lodge team took such good care of us!”

Cole FamilySwell Lodge Guest, November 2018.


“Thanks to all the team for a truly unique and amazing experience. Great accommodation and activities - and the food!”

J & R deFranckSwell Lodge Guest, September 2018.


“Christmas Island is Australia’s best kept secret and Swell Lodge is the jewel in the crown, an absolutely fabulous place to stay and experience the Island's treasures.”

P. Perrett ~ Swell Lodge Guest, December 2018.


“The attention to detail and quality of every aspect of our week was exceptional and gave us the best experience of this Australian treasure that we could have ever dreamt of, in the comfort of true seclusion. When you visit Swell Lodge it is just you and your guide on beautiful deserted beaches, peaceful forest tracks amongst the crabs and a personal chef preparing you beautiful meals cooked in front of you in the isolated peace of Swell Lodge. Words cannot truly give justice to this experience!”

R. Jaques ~ Swell Lodge Guest, December 2018.


“We initially came to see the red crab migration but have gained so much more than we hoped for thanks to Swell Lodge! Words like amazing and incredible are not enough to express what this entire experience has given to us! Thank you again, we absolutely loved being here!”

Lindsay & Jana ~ Swell Lodge Guests, December 2018.


“Wonderful to return and enjoy this island in the wet season. You have excelled again! Thank you! Swell Lodge is the perfect Getaway!”

Lorraine Lovatt ~ Swell Lodge Repeat Guest, March 2019.


“Sitting on the deck watching the sun set over the ocean we really felt like we were the only people on the planet! We feel so very fortunate to have experienced the magic of Swell Lodge. You had a vision and you've absolutely nailed it! We'll be back!”

Dan & Jahna ~ Swell Lodge Guests, March 2019.