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Christmas Island

63% is National Park
Air Temp 23-29 °C
250+ Endemic Species
Water Temp 26-29 °C
Australia’s tropical getaway

What To Do on Christmas Island

1500km northwest of the mainland, the stunning tropical paradise of Christmas Island is known as ‘Australia’s Galapagos of the Indian Ocean’ and is Australia’s best-kept secret. Just 16km wide, this tiny green jewel is a surprisingly diverse wonderland of experiences – more than enough to fill a week, which is our recommended stay.

Daily guided tours are complimentary! Our knowledgeable, friendly guides will collect you from your eco-chalet and take you to the diverse natural wonders of this unique island. What you’ll see depends on the weather and how long you stay: bookings for 4+ nights include a snorkel boat tour. If a certain day’s activities don’t spark your interest, are outside your abilities or you’d rather just relax back in your eco-chalet for the day instead, that’s fine too, we’ll drop off lunch and there’s some beautiful local walks you can do yourself.

Crabs, blowholes & more!

Our most famous inhabitants are our 190 million red crabs which can be found year-round, manicuring the jungle floor. When the rainy season starts however, they embark on one of the largest migrations in the animal kingdom, down to the coast to spawn in a spectacle Sir David Attenborough rates as one of his top 10 natural wonders on Earth. Wander tranquil rainforest trails to secluded turtle-nesting beaches, through RAMSAR wetlands to pristine jungle waterfalls you can stand under, swimming holes to plunge into and a new boardwalk leads you right between heart-stopping coastal blowhole geysers! There are refreshing tidal rock pools, lookouts, underground limestone caves, fascinating research and bird rehabilitation programs and more.

One week isn’t long enough and guests sometimes return to experience different seasons.

Diving and Snorkelling

Christmas Island boasts some of the best snorkelling, scuba diving and freediving in the world, with water temperatures remaining a balmy 26-29°C year-round. Underwater visibility often exceeds 30 metres even right at the jetty in Flying Fish Cove, where the kaleidoscope of colourful reef fish makes even the Barrier Reef look dull. Spinner dolphins are common, along with turtles, giant trevally, parrot fish, clownfish, tuna, friendly reef sharks, clams, shipwrecks, caves and in the right season, manta rays and even whale sharks!

Swim just 50 metres from shore and you realise the island is just the tip of a steep underwater volcano, encircled by some of the longest drop- off dive walls in the world – perfect for freediving. Snorkelling gear is included with every stay, along with a boat trip if you stay 4 or more nights, weather permitting. It’s the perfect place to learn to snorkel, even if you (or your kids) have never tried before

Bird-lovers Paradise

Christmas Island is a bird-watcher’s heaven, home to a rich variety of rare and unusual endemic species, many of which you can see right from your balcony – and our guides know where to find the others!

Two of Australia’s rarest raptors live here, the C. I. hawk-owl and goshawk, as well as other endemics including the C. I. emerald dove, frigatebird, golden bosun with its theatrically long tail, imperial pigeon and white-eye. It’s the only place on Earth where the critically endangered Abbott’s booby nests, and we also have red- footed as well as brown boobies, red-tailed tropicbirds, terns and also an edemic flying fox!

Having evolved without predators and human settlement commencing just 130 years ago, the birdlife and other animals are wonderfully relaxed, allowing unforgettably intimate encounters. Standing on your balcony watching soaring seabirds, they will often circle back to take a closer look at you. Inquisitive thrushes may follow you through the forest and fluffy booby chicks peer out curiously from coastal rocks.

    Australia’s best-kept secret

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