Answers to some

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to Christmas Island?

During this pandemic, the only way to Christmas Island is from Perth, Australia. Virgin Australia flies to Christmas Island twice weekly on Tuesdays and Fridays. Book with Virgin Australia. We can organise a private charter flight for you (just ask).

Guests require a travel permit, but if you’ve been in Western Australia for the last 2 weeks, you will not need to quarantine! Getting the permit is easy, online and usually takes less than 3 days. Our WA traveller info sheet contains all the links, and we’re here to help.

How much does it cost?

Please check our Book Now page for current pricing.

Is Swell Lodge family friendly?

Absolutely! Our guides are great with kids and many families have stayed at Swell Lodge. Some parents have come without their kids, only to return with them a few months later to share the magic of the up-close wildlife, introduce them to snorkelling in the cove and so on. It’s wonderland for kids.

Maximum 3 guests per eco-chalet: king bed can swap for 2 single beds and couch folds into 3rd bed. Kids under 3 are free. Booking for more than 3 guests requires booking both eco-chalets, even if all staying together.

When should I come? Crab migration?

Just so you know… Christmas Island is full of red crabs, every day of every year, and all-year is a good time to visit. While red crabs are more prolific in the wet season, even during the dry season you will still see plenty of them, so you don’t have to come ‘during crab migration’ just to see our famous crabs. While a spectacular event to witness, it is hard to predict when the migration will occur (sometime between October and January, lasting for about 6 weeks), and there are drawbacks like road closures, rain etc which may effect your stay during this time. Seriously, come anytime.

Read our ‘Booking during Red Crab migration‘ sheet for more info.

Can I book private tours?

Yes – subject to availability and at an additional cost.

If you’re looking for something extra-special and private, we can also organise exclusive booking of both eco-chalets and hand-craft a unique, unforgettable itinerary for celebrities, royals and other VIPs.

Is there phone reception?

Happily, there is no mobile cell phone coverage at Swell Lodge, so you won’t be getting any unwanted work calls. There is an internet VoIP phone in each eco-chalet however, from which you can make and receive calls if you’d like, and if you choose to connect your smartphone to the complimentary Wi-Fi, then you’ll also be able to send messages and place calls using apps like WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook and so on. We suggest not to though – it’s a rare and precious opportunity to truly disconnect out here and unwind.

In and around the township there is limited Telstra mobile phone coverage for voice and sms only – no data.

Is there power in the eco-chalets?

What do you think this is? Camping? Of course there is power, courtesy of the solar panel array mounted on the roof of each eco-chalet feeding that beautiful clean sunlight into a bank of super-high-tech lithium batteries for your usage day and night.

Do keep in mind that being solar-powered, excessive use – especially during extended periods of cloudy weather – can deplete the battery reserves. It is theoretically possible to even run out. However, you are able to track power usage and battery levels using the Swell Lodge app on the complimentary iPad so you’ll be able to see if you are running low on power and perhaps turn off or unplug a few things before that happens. We can always come out and connect up a portable generator to top-up your battery if required, but we really shouldn’t need to.

What's the climate like?

Christmas Island is a tropical paradise where the temperature and humidity doesn’t vary much throughout the year. It never gets cold, nor uncomfortably hot: It’s T-shirt and shorts weather all year. August/September are our coldest months where the temperature could drop as low as about 23 degrees Celsius. April/May are our warmer months but even then the temperature rarely climbs above 29 degrees Celsius, and the ceiling fan and ocean breeze at Swell Lodge is more than adequate for keeping guests cool.

Humidity usually stays between 80% to 90%, and the island experiences both wet and dry seasons. The wet season is typically between November and April, with the highest rainfall generally occurring in February/March. As the wet season coincides with the famous red crab migration and is also peak whale shark season, it is still a popular time to visit Christmas Island.

The crystal-clear ocean surrounding Christmas Island remains the perfect temperature to swim, snorkel and dive in all year round, always a balmy 26-29 degrees Celsius.

What level of fitness is required?

That depends on what activities you want to do while you’re here.

Part of the joy of this secret paradise is that so few tourists visit each year – just a couple of hundred! So while we have some really easy walking tracks, others can be a little more rustic with tripping hazards like tree roots or limestone rocks to tread carefully over. We’re very mindful of our guest’s abilities however, and can tweak the daily program to suit – i.e. if you’re less steady on your feet then we won’t do some of the more adventurous walks, and all our guides are super-patient and happy to take as much time as needed and can offer alternative activities if required.

Getting to your eco-chalet itself involves a flat 100m walking trail through the jungle from the car park, however your guide will take your luggage down for you in a trolley.

During the red crab migration (sometime between November and January and can last for up to 6 weeks), if you have an early morning activity like a boat trip, then there may be times where you’d need to walk 3km from the lodge to the main road (up a hill) to meet your guide because even with our crab-safe vehicle, we’re not permitted to drive in too early when the crabs are most abundant.

It’s best if you can let us know ahead of time about any physical limitations you might have so we can tailor your program accordingly.