Destinations WA features Swell Lodge on TV

Trevor Cochrane from Destinations WA experiences the luxury of Swell Lodge & explores the jungles, pristine beaches, and wildlife of Christmas Island.


 Why Christmas Island?

 “The Indian Ocean islands are an amazing destination and if you’re wondering about accommodation options well there are some terrific accommodation options here on Christmas Island. If you are looking for something that is completely unique the very top end there is a place on the far side of the island in the middle of the national park with spectacular coastal scenery that you just have to check out.”


How to get to Swell Lodge?

 “To get there, well it’s quite the journey in fact you’ve got to make your way through these spectacular tree archways and of course watch out for the red crabs on the way. It’s all part of the experience and a good reason to head to Swell Lodge this place is the top-end exclusive experience accommodation on Christmas Island. The island’s all-inclusive secluded luxury accommodation is the world’s most exclusive eco-lodge the lodge features two glass-fronted eco chalets where you can wake up in Australia’s most unique wildlife-filled national park.

Each chalet is accessible by an 80-metre path that weaves through the jungle down to the cliff edge and of course once you get down on the water’s edge you’ve got this amazing ocean view. The interior of the lodge is luxurious and each chalet has its own Italian tile bathroom and shower, there’s uninterrupted ocean views from your bed. Nowhere else can you enjoy such privacy and in such luxury!”


Like nothing else in Australia

Trevor: How did you find Christmas Island and end up in this situation?
Chris: I’ve been running photo tours for wildlife all around the world & then I just found this place and fell in love with it!
T: The inspiration behind creating these incredible accommodation experiences, and you’ve got only two on the island?
C: Well that makes it that much more exclusive! How many places in the world have you got kilometers of coastline and just two little houses?
T: It’s very, very special there’s so much to see and do, and you help people discover Christmas Island too.
C: Christmas island’s just so diverse most people think it must just be crabs and maybe diving but, you know it’s amazing you’ve got wetlands with boardwalks, you can go through to waterfalls in the jungle you can shower under, coastal blowholes, birds, crabs, world-class diving, it’s just endless activities go caving, cycling… compared to the rest of Australia there is nothing like it. People come here and say, “I had no idea Australia had a place like this!”


An All-inclusive Experience

“The stay includes your meals, and how is this special? Well, your private chef will prepare gourmet cuisine, using fresh and locally foraged ingredients. Swell Lodge has a Michelin star chef, Francois Moribito who every night will prepare a gourmet three-course meal, right on your oceanfront deck as you enjoy beautiful sunset views over the ocean.

Wine beer and even gin and tonics with a squeeze of wild jungle lime are all on the house!

T: The red crab experience is unbelievable but it can shut the whole island down, but you’ve created something very clever the crab-mobile?

C: So during the crab migration national parks close the road, so there’s no way in here so I had to develop this yeah like a crab-safe vehicle attached crab-mobile yeah and you just clip these four things in front of the wheels, and it just gently bumps the crabs out of the way and then you can drive in and out.

T: Allows you to get from A to B. Very clever!

“If you want to visit paradise on earth then you need to come to Christmas Island and if you want an experience you will never forget you have to come and stay at Swell Lodge.

It really is something special, and now is the time to do something about it!

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